Complete End-User IT Management to Empower your Employees

End-User Services

Let us take you from where you are today to where you need to be tomorrow. Improving your end-users’ productivity while adhering to strict security and policy compliance requirements will take you to the next level. How? By adopting the latest Microsoft cloud-based solutions along with our 24/7 proactive managed end-user client services – a well-designed set of seamless building blocks to plug in as you need them – we will support your end-users wherever they are, and whenever they need assistance. 

Empower end-users. Boost productivity.

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Service Desk Services

The foundation for your end-user support begins with our 24/7 proactive Service Desk. ExactlyIT’s strategically designed Service Desk focuses on driving ticket volumes down: a plan that leads to lower costs and fewer headaches.  This includes digital approaches that leverage process automation, analytics, and machine learning technologies.

But it doesn’t stop there: we understand your employees have professional and personal deadlines to meet. We empathize with your employee’s desire for quicker response times and faster problem resolution. Happy employees are productive employees. What kind of service do you want?

Client Device Management Services

Let ExactlyIT manage your cloud-based Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Intune subscriptions and infrastructure to perform Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services for your Android and iPhone mobile end-user devices. We also perform Desktop Device Management (DDM) Services for Windows and Mac desktop end-user devices. 

Virtual Desktop Management Services

As a Microsoft Advanced Specialist Partner, we maximize the value of  your cloud-based Microsoft Virtual Desktop subscriptions and infrastructure to deploy and maintain end-user virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure.

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Microsoft 365 Management Services

We manage your cloud-based Microsoft 365 end-user subscriptions and infrastructure (i.e., Office, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and more).

Identity Access Management Services

ExactlyIT has the trusted experience to manage your Microsoft, Azure or hybrid AD Identity Access Management (IAM) subscriptions and infrastructure to ensure your end-users can correctly authenticate and have the right privileges to access only the IT resources that their job roles demand.

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